Minority Report is a Dystopian film which uses unrealistic idea to portray a realistic problem we as a society may let pass over our heads. In Minority Report there is the Precrime devision who use Precogs to see into the future and take action against murderers before they even commit a crime. This idea of surveillance using peoples views on what will occur is a futuristic approach to a totalitarian government where the people are controlled by the idea that their own government can see what they will do and act against that. The government uses the statement “That which keeps us safe, will also keep us free.”  The Precogs challenge the idea that freedom is the ability to think and act as we chose because the fact that they will see what you do means individuals aren’t acting as if they are free but instead acting to protect themselves from being incarcerated for imagining a crime. In the film we see an abundance of overexposed shots specifically when John is in the mall being chased by the Precrime agents we see an Over the Shoulder shot of the mall from John perspective the shot shows a crowd of people how appear blurry and blend in with the surroundings. The effect of the Precogs is shown here were people aren’t shown as clear individuals but as blurry shapes. This shows how the Precogs change the actions of the public and therefore change who they are destroying their individuality. This reinforces how Precogs challenge the idea “That [the Precogs] keep us safe, will also keep us free” as the Precogs destroy the freedom of the people who change into automatons who exist more as an extension of the state than as individuals. We see this in the beginning of the film were we see a low angle shot of John over Howard Marks who appears very confused as to why he is being arrested. The low angle shows the power John has over Howard as he is aware of what Howard was going to do giving him the right to arrest him. This could link to our society where CCTV is used to watch over us and protect us from those who would do bad to us. The idea in our society that reflects the fantasy worlds idea is that “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” this acts the same as the Precogs effect on society where people do not act how they would if we were free but as if everyone is being watched which changes what we say and do.

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